Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic

Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic • Johnson County, KS

US Federal Properties Co. (USFP) was selected to develop the new U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) community-based outpatient health clinic in Johnson County, Kansas. Part of the Kansas City VA Medical Center, the new Community-Based Outpatient (CBOC) will serve the area’s more than 150,000 Veterans.

The 34,000 square-foot, one-story clinic will offer primary and specialty care including audiology, dental services, pathology and lab services as well as radiology. The clinic was designed as a patient-centric facility and incorporates intuitive wayfinding, connections to nature, and technology, while also accommodating patient comfort and staff excellence and efficiency.

From a clinical perspective, the design of this clinic must meet stringent VA Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) standards, which support a Veteran centered model of care. PACT’s team-based approach to care promotes staff collaboration within a flexible and adaptable modular clinic layout. To meet this standard, an onstage/offstage clinical design strategy will be implemented. Patients will benefit from more privacy, a quieter environment, improved infection control as well as safer hallways that are clear of equipment and other obstacles. Staff benefit from a more efficient layout, which helps them move between patients and work areas more quickly, reducing fatigue, elevating productivity and encouraging collaboration with PACT teammates.

Another key improvement will be the integration of clinical technology, which is designed to enhance the patient experience. For example, digital registration through conveniently placed kiosks will help reduce patient wait times. Digital monitors will enhance directional signage and clinic information, and technology-enabled wayfinding, such as Blue Dot navigation systems, will be integrated into the architectural design and construction.

In collaboration with McCown Gordon Construction and Hoefer Wysocki, USFP will develop, finance, own and operate this federal government-leased property. Construction will begin in May 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by May 2021.

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