US Federal Properties Co. is an experienced buyer, owner and operator of federally leased assets. We seek to acquire high quality, well located and recently developed properties leased to the government on a nationwide basis. Our target acquisition size ranges from $10 -$100 million, however, we will consider smaller and larger acquisitions on a strategic basis. We pursue opportunities with significant lease term as well as any property that meets the current build and security specifications required by the GSA and other federally backed agencies.

We have developed and continually look to build close relationships with developers nationwide to provide forward purchase commitments for newly awarded government leases which may facilitate obtaining construction financing.

Please submit all investment opportunities to:

Kevin Kelly
Principal/Chief Financial Officer

4706 Broadway, Suite 240 Kansas City, MO 64112  •  Phone: 816-531-2082  •  Fax: 816-285-9544  •